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Harnessing the benefits of specific fulvic acid extracts, Boost is formulated to enhance mitochondrial function and up regulate ATP production. While improving energy levels, Boost improves your pets ability to detoxify to maximize their health. Boost promotes cellular renewal and helps mitochondria in their role of viral protection.

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Thyroid issues: Overactive immune system due to poor gut health. Overweight, lethargic, something just seems off.

Cellular Health: Restore mitochondrial health and help your pet heal from the inside out including faster muscle recovery and better sleep. Won’t make your pet hyper.

Vision Issues: Helps clear cloudy eyes, improves poor eye drainage, address the root cause of many common optical issues.

Maximizes Energy Production: Provides the electrical charge needed to maximize energy (ATP) production, cell signaling and pure water production.

Protects Against Damage: Leveling up mitochondria function assist in shielding DNA from damage and viruses, as well as dying prematurely and reducing oxidative stress.

Promotes Healing: Eliminate allergies, improve digestion, boost immune support, quicker muscle recovery, better sleep and more.

What Makes Poli Pet So Different?

Understanding Poli Pet Boost

Poli Pet Boost contains specifically chosen extracts of fulvic acid, combined with polyelectrolytes, to support your mitochondria and maximize ATP production.

Toxins, infections, heavy metals, and aging hamper the mitochondria's ability to generate the energy your pet needs -- not just for everyday life -- but to detox and heal as well. Mitochondria can not only slow down, but die off, leaving your pet with less power production plants in their cells. This is when chronic disease may become painfully evident, and your pet’s cells lose their ability to fully “charge.”

Mitochondria require precise levels of minerals and electrons to function at their peak. They also use polysaccharides for signaling molecules. Without these components, they are missing vital keys to complete the energy cycle, which also hinders them from detoxification and DNA repair. The oxidative stress within your cells increases with this back-up of toxins.

Poli Pet Boost has the specific minerals, electrons, and polysaccharides your pet’s precious power generators need to not only support energy creation, but enhances immune response and helps protect against DNA damage. These carbon based polyelectrolytes help recharge depleted mineral and electron concentrations to restore the ATP process back to the way nature intended.

Another result of the energy cycle is the production of pure water. Supporting mitochondrial function will boost your pet’s cellular hydration, aiding effective detoxification.

Poli Boost assists your pet's body in getting back to optimal wellness by supporting the foundation of all bodily processes -- the mitochondria.

How do you use Poli Pet Boost?

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This product is most significant supplement that I have ever encountered for my senior dog. As a passionate advocate for CellCore supplements (they truly work!), there was zero question that I would immediately buy and incorporate Poli Pet products into my dog's life. Almost instantly (within the first couple days), I saw an unbelievable improvement in my 13.5 year old dog. He has arthritis and a heart issue that have both slowed him down tremendously over the past few years, and unfortunately, interfered with his quality of life. We tried it all; CBD, joint supplements, you-name-it, and while there was a slight improvement in his symptoms with those alone (he still takes these), NOTHING could have prepared me for the result of Boost. It's been about a month of consistent use, so I've let go of the "too good to be true" notion, and I could swear the clock rewound at least 5 years. He now goes on walks with enthusiasm at a moderate pace (he had previously lost enthusiasm for walking and walked so slow it was like we were standing still), and JUMPS (!!) and plays again. It seems to have given him his zest for life back, and has very clearly lowered his pain and inflammation levels. If you are questioning whether or not you should invest in trying this product, there is no question-- you will be thanking Poli Pet daily when you see your dog come really come back to life. I am so grateful for this product and there is no greater joy than seeing my dog happy again.

Marcy on Dec 09, 2021

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