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Understanding and Managing Pet Anxiety: An Objective Approach

January 20, 2023
Are you feeling stressed out? It's not just you! Pet anxiety is a real phenomenon that affects many animals and needs to be taken seriously. To help pet owners better understand their furry friends' struggles with tension, Jed Davis from Poly Pet Products has put together this compelling present... Watch Now
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Pet Anxiety - Tips & Tricks to Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Holiday Season for Your Pets

January 20, 2023
The holiday season is a wonderful time of year, but it's important to keep the safety and well-being of our pets in mind. By being prepared and taking a few precautions, we can ensure that our furry friends have a happy and healthy holiday season. Outline Introduction by Jed Davis, founder of P... Watch Now

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Welcome to the Poli Pet Blog! Here, we will share information about our furry friends, from training tips and pet care advice to fun stories and pictures of all our Poli Pet friends. Whether you are a seasoned pet owner or considering getting your first pet, we hope you will find something valuable and exciting here at Poli Pet. So please grab a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and let's talk all things pets!

Detox Your Dog: Unlock Their Health and Longevity with Poli Pet's Detox Pack!

August 01, 2023
Welcome, pet parents!  We all want to give our furry friends the best care possible, right? That means looking out for their well-being and making sure they live long and happy lives. Did you know that just like humans, dogs can be exposed to harmful substances like pollutants and pesticides? The... Read More

Why do dogs need probiotics?

April 25, 2023
Introduction If you're looking for ways to improve your furry friend's health, adding probiotics to their diet could be the solution you've been searching for.  From improved digestion to better immune health, probiotics offer many potential benefits for dogs. Choosing the right probiotic supplem... Read More

Improve Your Pet's Health with PetMedella's BioResonance Testing

March 17, 2023
Introduction PetMedella guarantees to give your beloved furry friend the care they deserve with their advanced BioResonance testing technology. The cutting-edge analysis provides insight into potential health concerns, nutrition imbalances, hormone levels, and unique sensitivities or toxins with... Read More

Keep Your Pup's Kidney Health in Check with Poli Pet Renew

March 15, 2023
Kidney disease is a surprisingly common problem among our four-legged friends.  With 1 in 10 dogs likely to develop it at some point, early detection and treatment are key! Our furry pals rely on their kidneys to filter blood, keep electrolyte balance in check, and remove waste from the body.  An... Read More

The Truth About Activated Charcoal

March 09, 2023
Activated Charcoal is a fine black powder that has been around for hundreds of years and is thought to be a decent binder. We decided to deep dive into activated charcoal and learned a few things.  Activated charcoal has several drawbacks including:  Gritty Texture Limited Toxin Binding Zero Rep... Read More

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