Poli Pet Mobility Bundle

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Poli Pet Mobility Bundle

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Product description

Whether you have a pet that is exercising or aging, staying mobile and free from pain is crucial to an extended lifespan. After all, nothing is more valuable than more time with our pets. The Poli Pet Mobility Pack helps reduce inflammation, shorten recovery time, strengthen paws and skin, decrease pro-oxidative chemicals that cause joint damage and much more.  

Stay Mobile with Hip & Joint: Poli Pet Hip & Joint is a daily pet supplement formulated with safe and effective ingredients including glucosamine, peptides, Active Carbons, vitamins, minerals and much more. Our team built Hip & Joint from the ground up to be the most robust and effective mobility supplement available. This incredible powder is easy to administer, all natural, safe for all breeds and ages, and manufactured in the USA.

Re-Energize with Boost: Boost is the first pet product to restore mitochondrial strength, the powerhouse of the cell. Published studies validate that mitochondrial strength is linked to preventing premature aging and improved exercise performance. That's why we say that Boost will help your pet live longer with healthier cellular energy. Energy to heal and stay moving, the key to life. 

Strengthen with Shield: Shield is part of the Poli Pet family of life changing products assisting in the topical treatment of paw and skin conditions including dry skin, chaffed skin, sores, allergies and more. Shield creates stronger paws which helps keep your pet on the move. What can I expect for my cat or dog while using Shield? Faster paw and skin recovery, topical relief from skin issue such as allergies, paw and skin protection from toxins and chemicals, increased protection from the elements such as hot pavement and salt residue.

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