Poli Pet Longevity Bundle

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Poli Pet Longevity Bundle

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Product description

The most valuable thing we have with our dogs and cats is time. Premature aging in pets robs us and them of our time together. 

This early aging can be caused by genetic propensity, environmental factors such as mold toxicity and chemicals, inflammation, inactivity, stress, poor diet, lack of supplementation and more. 

In order to prevent premature aging and acquire more time with our pets, we need to jump start the mitochondria, provide continual cellular energy support, stay active, restore the gut microbiome and boost the immune system. 

The Poli Pet Longevity pack has been curated by our team of pet experts to provide scientifically backed results. Whether you have a brand new puppy or an older dog, do your part to prevent premature aging in our pets and get more of that invaluable time with the Poli Pet Longevity Pack.

Restore with Nourish: If 6 billion pet specific probiotics wasn't enough, Nourish also has digestive enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and active carbons. All of these ingredients combine to make Nourish the best pet product to restore the gut microbiome, boost the immune system and much more. 

Re-Energize with Boost: Boost is the first pet product to restore mitochondrial strength, the powerhouse of the cell. Published studies validate that mitochondrial strength is linked to preventing premature aging. That's why we say that Boost will help your pet live longer with healthier cellular energy. Energy to heal and thrive. 

Stay Mobile with Hip & Joint: Poli Pet Hip & Joint is a daily pet supplement formulated with safe and effective ingredients including glucosamine, peptides, Active Carbons, vitamins, minerals and much more. Staying mobile and active is crucial to pet longevity, as many studies show. Our team built Hip & Joint from the ground up to be the most robust and effective mobility supplement available. 

Each product in the Poli Pet Longevity Pack is easy to administer, all natural, safe for all breeds and ages, manufactured in the USA and comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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