Poli Pet Detox Bundle

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Poli Pet Detox Bundle

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Product description

Every day, your pets are exposed to toxins, poisons and heavy metals. Toxins can be in the food they eat, the potentially polluted air they breathe, the water they drink, and the pesticides on the grass in which they play. Unfortunately, these toxins can build up in your pet over time and cause damage. 

You’ve probably heard of detox for people, but pets can detox too. We aren’t talking trendy detox fads but a research based process of removing toxins and poisons in pursuit of the healthiest and longest life possible.

Ready to remove poisons, toxins and heavy metals to help your pet live longer and healthier? Try the Poli Pet Detox Pack today. It's the best way to remove, restore and re-energize in order to detox your pet.

Remove with Renew: Renew is the first active binder for pets that binds to and removes heavy metals such as glyphosate, mycotoxins from mold exposure and much more. Simply sprinkle Renew on your pet's food each day to remove and protect. 

Restore with Nourish: If 6 billion pet specific probiotics wasn't enough, Nourish also has digestive enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and active carbons. All of these ingredients combine to make Nourish the best pet product to restore the gut microbiome, boost the immune system and much more. 

Re-Energize with Boost: Boost is the first pet product to restore mitochondrial strength, the powerhouse of the cell. Published studies validate that mitochondrial strength is linked to preventing premature aging. That's why we say that Boost will help your pet live longer with healthier cellular energy. Energy to heal and thrive. 

Bonus: The Poli Pet Detox Pack qualifies for free shipping!

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