How to Make a Renew Topper for Your Pets

How to Make a Renew Topper for Your Pets

If you’ve ordered your Poli Pet Renew, and now you’re wondering if there are some tips and tricks in order to make administering this supplement easier. Renew can be placed directly onto food (kibble or raw). One thing that our team has found to be a quick and easy way to feed Renew to our dogs is by making a meal topper. 

This recipe and ingredient combo was originally found on the Canine Ascension facebook page. 

Here is the breakdown of everything needed.  

  • Silicone molds or ice cube trays - I ordered mine from Amazon. As a personal choice, I like the silicone molds because they easily pop out without a mess of cracking the tray. Plus they come in fun patterns.  

  • Nut butter - we have a local store that allows you to grind your own almonds, peanuts or cashews. Or you can make your own just by purchasing the dried nuts, soaking them in water overnight and then puree them. If you’re short on time, please double check that any of the nut butter being used doesn’t have xylitol as an ingredient.

  • Berries - Costco or Sam’s Club has organic frozen berries, these are more cost effective and easy to store. 

  • Unrefined Coconut Oil - The coconut oil, should be melted in a measuring cup with hot water. Melting in the microwave reduces the benefit of the triglycerides.

  • Bone Broth - is the recipe that I use most often. If you can’t find pigs feet, chicken feet work really well. Double check that there isn’t bumble-foot on them. It should be pretty gelatinous once cooked and cooled. If your bone broth is gelatinous, you can melt it down with a little hot water when measuring it into the molds. 

  • Anitol - I use salmon oil, even though it’s less potent to Anitol. Anitol is great for joints and stiffness - do your research and always consult your veterinarian to make sure it’s right for your pet.

  • Chia seeds - totally optional.

Watch our quick video that demonstrates how we build our meal toppers for easy Renew consumption. 

Poli Pet - Renew Topper Recipe from Jed Davis on Vimeo.


Why do I love this method? First off all the additional vitamins, minerals and benefits each of these bring, but honestly it helps reduce the mess Renew can make. So if your dog or cat is looking like it snorted black crack, it’s time to find a conductor such as a meal topper. 

The other reason why I prefer to administer Renew this way is because of the ease of use. We are busy with work, family, pets, etc., so I wanted a quick grab and drop option. These can easily be made once a week while doing all other meal prep. We don’t recommend storing Renew in the fridge or freezer for over a week, as it reduces potency in the supplement. 

Do you have any hacks you’ve found to make supplementing your pets easier? We would love to hear them! 

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