Environmental Elements and What They Mean to Your Pets

Environmental Elements and What They Mean to Your Pets

What silent, tasteless, and often odorless substance could negatively affect you and your pet’s body without you knowing it? Radioactive and environmental elements. 

Yeah, it’s understandable you might be thinking that radioactive elements will help your dog or cat become a superhero. Unfortunately though, they go beyond comic books and movies they might be impacting your daily life. 
These elements can occur naturally sometimes, but most times than not it’s human activities (such as mining) that can stir up these elements and increase the exposure. Natural or man made, they are not safe, and can reside in your home and/or water. 

Be Proactive Against Environment Toxins

Radioactive elements—both naturally occurring and man-made—are all around you and your pets. They could reside in your water, food, and home. 

Ionizing radiation damages the mitochondrial function and breaks yours and your pet’s DNA. It’s linked to cancer, candida (yeast) infections, fatigue, and gut issues. 

Fortunately, there are actions that can fight against it. You can support the mitochondria and help protect DNA from mutating. Carbon-based binders, iodine, zinc, and plant-based minerals help remove radiation. They also stabilize DNA and boost the ability to repair tissues. Plus, herbs to enhance kidney and liver health can help guard the detox organs against radiation damage.

To avoid ingesting radioactive elements in the first place, drink safe water. You can also check and fix your home if it’s a source of radon exposure. 

How Are Your Pets Exposed to Radioactive Elements?

Radioactive elements in soil and rocks can leach out and contaminate water supplies. You may think that city water has been “treated.” But municipal water treatment plants are usually unequipped to remove radioactive elements. (1, 2)

If radioactive elements are in your water, it stands to reason that they may exist in your food as well. After all, plants absorb water and are exposed to the same environment as you. Trace amounts of radioactive elements may also reside in seafood, meat, eggs, milk, and plant-based foods. (3)   

Your environment

What’s more concerning, though, is how glyphosate, commonly known as Roundup, may increase the amount of radioactive element plants absorb from the soil. One study demonstrated that applying glyphosate to plants at the end of the growing season skyrocketed uranium levels from 2.5 to 17 times. (4

Phosphate-based fertilizers may also contain significant amounts of radioactive elements, such as uranium, thorium, radium, and others. As phosphorus is made into fertilizer, the radioactive elements are concentrated. Then if plants absorb the fertilizer, these elements enter the food chain. (5

Some areas have natural deposits of radioactive elements that are higher than others. For example, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) analyzed every U.S. county. They determined the level of radon, a specific radioactive element, for each area. States such as Colorado, Iowa, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming currently have the highest radon levels. (6)

Effective, simple steps are usually the best ones. And there are many you can take to protect you and your furry loved ones from radioactive elements.


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