How the Mitochondria = Happiness in pets

April 28, 2023
Introduction: Poli Pet Boost is the key to enhancing your pup's mitochondrial function and keeping them fit.  This special supplement contains all of nature’s good stuff like fulvic acid extracts and polyelectrolytes – scientifically proven ingredients that can support detoxification, reduce oxid... Read More

The Power of Poli Pet's Supplements for Gut and Brain Health

April 27, 2023
  Maintaining a healthy gut and brain is critical for our furry friend's health and well-being. Poli Pet offers two supplements, Nourish and Renew, that work together to support gut and brain health. The Importance of Gut Health Nourish by Poli Pet is a probiotic supplement that helps keep your ... Read More

The Importance of Regular Detoxification for Optimal Health

April 27, 2023
Why Detoxing is Important in Dogs. Keeping our pet’s bodies free of toxins is essential for optimal health.  From the food we feed our pets, the air we breathe, and products in our homes, harmful substances can seep into us without realizing it!  But don’t panic! Regular detoxification helps cle... Read More

How Nourish Can Complete Your Pet's Diet for Optimal Nutrition

April 27, 2023
How Nourish is Essential in Every Diet Being a pet parent is an incredibly rewarding experience! It's all about giving our best friends the happiest, healthiest life possible.  But we can't forget one of the most important elements for their well-being: gut health! That’s why Poli Pet Nourish is ... Read More

Consistency is Key

April 27, 2023
Consistent Supplementation is Key to a Successful Detox Taking care of your pet's health is a top priority for any loving owner Supplements can be key to keeping them happy and healthy!  Consistency in supplement use helps ensure that their joint health, digestive system, skin & coat conditio... Read More
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