What makes Renew the most effective pet binder?

January 27, 2022
What makes Renew the most effective pet binder?

For a supplement to help your pet’s body, it needs to be able to get everywhere your pet’s body needs it. This is true for both detoxing your pet’s body as well as nourishing it. 

Carbon-based binders, like Poli Pet Renew, are unique in that they exist in a variety of sizes. 

These include small-, medium-, and large-chain carbon compounds. This enables the BioActive Carbons in Renew to easily travel where they’re needed in the body.  

Here’s where these different sizes function in your pet: 

  • Large-chain: Remain in the digestive tract
  • Medium-chain: Pass through your gut wall and enter tissues, such as bones, muscles, and nerves
  • Small-chain: Enter your cells and can even cross your blood-brain barrier to reach the brain

For example, the small chains could help clear away harmful compounds in cat or dog’s brain. They can also recognize and help disassemble abnormal cell formations there. This may prove helpful in cognitive disorders. 

In contrast, activated charcoal and bentonite clay — products commonly used to bind toxins — can’t move beyond the digestive tract. This is because they’re made only of large carbon chains. 

So, when we say that Poli Pet Renew is the most effective pet binder available, it’s partly because of these small, medium and large chain carbons. It’s not just a fancy marketing slogan but rather a science backed product with real world results. 

If you are ready to up level your pet’s health then it’s time to incorporate Poli Pet Renew. 

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