The Truth About Pet Allergies

Updated on: February 04, 2023

Though a cause of distress for many owners and their furry companions, pet allergies are often misdiagnosed - leading to improper treatments that only temporarily mask the symptoms. But have no fear! Those seeking lasting relief from pet allergies can find solace in targeting the root cause: toxic environments created by pollutants, heavy metals, or other toxins. Pet owners looking to soothe their pets suffering allergies can look towards Poli Pet Renew and Boost, two products that are dedicated to providing relief. Reducing exposure to environmental toxins and removing them from the body can offer a healthier atmosphere for pets with a reduced risk of allergic reactions. Nutritious fuel supply plus maximized energy production bring a high chance of enjoying a happier life alongside our beloved pets!

Misconceptions of Pet Allergies: The Importance of Accurate Diagnosis and Root Cause Treatment

With misdiagnosis of pet allergies occurring at an alarmingly high rate, improper treatments are often administered. While commonly prescribed antihistamines, steroids, diet adjustments, and desensitization may suppress symptoms in the short-term, they do not rectify underlying toxicity that causes these conditions, rendering their effects temporary or even increasing chances for recurrence as soon as treatment is discontinued. This highlights the importance of accurate diagnosis to identify the root cause and move towards a more enduring solution that ensures long-term relief to pets affected by this condition.

We often see the misdiagnosis of pet allergies resulting in "treatment" with antihistamines, steroids, diet adjustment, or desensitization. Here are some too-common allergy meds given when misdiagnosed:

  • Apoquel
  • Cytopoint
  • Benedryl
  • Atopica

Exploring the Root Cause of Pet Allergies: The Role of Environmental Toxins and Exposure

Despite being relatively rare, food allergies can still be a cause of pet allergies; in fact, the 2018 Banfield Pet Hospital State of Pet Health Report found that an estimated 0.2% and 0.1% of dogs and cats, respectively, suffer from these reactions to certain foods.

Toxic environments, combined with exposure to pollutants and heavy metals, can cause an alarming overreaction of the immune system in pets. This may ultimately lead to discomforting allergic symptoms such as rashes, hives, or skin irritation, requiring prompt attention from a veterinarian.

Recent studies have shown that exposure to environmental toxins can be detrimental to health, especially when it comes to asthma and allergies. Pets and humans are vulnerable in this regard; heavy metals are one of the most concerning pollutants. Thankfully, through intelligent reduction of toxin levels and body cleansing programs, we all - pet owners included - can reduce our allergic risk profile and keep ourselves healthy!

"Epidemiological research suggests that exposure to environmental toxins (such as pesticides, solvents, and air pollutants) is associated with an increased prevalence of asthma and allergies… There is an association between heavy metals and allergic reactions." -The Effect of Environmental Toxins and Allergic Inflammation, PubMed Central,

Pet allergies are a severe issue that requires an attentive approach to the source of the allergen and its environment. By reducing exposure to toxins and diligently removing them from their dwellings, pet owners can ensure healthier spaces for their animals that preclude allergic reactions.

Pet allergies

The Path to Pet Allergy Relief: Detox, Nutrition, and Increased Energy Production

Pet allergies can be a difficult and uncomfortable problem, but with the right approach to wellness, it can often be reversed. Three key steps should be taken to restore pet health from underlying environmental toxins:

  • Detoxing the system of impurities
  • Giving nutritious foods for sustenance
  • Boosting energy output through positive changes in lifestyle habits

Enhancing your pet's well-being is vital for a long and healthy life. Detoxing their body can eliminate the dangerous toxins impairing them, while wholesome nutrition will provide necessary nourishment to support improved overall health. Furthermore, increasing energy production within their immune system allows them to respond more effectively against environmental threats, which could lead to fewer allergy issues in the future.

Poli Pet Renew and Poli Pet Boost are two products that can help pet owners achieve these goals. Poli Pet Renew is designed to help detox the pet's body, removing harmful toxins and pollutants and reducing the risk of future allergic reactions. Renew contains a blend of short, medium, and long chain Active Carbons that selectively bind to and remove foreign threats, helping to restore the pet's health.

On the other hand, Poli Pet Boost is designed to increase the pet's energy production, helping boost the pet's immune system and improve its overall health. Boost contains a blend of natural ingredients and BioActive Carbons that help to increase energy production, reduce inflammation, and support the pet's immune system.

Using Poli Pet Renew and Poli Pet Boost together, pet owners can help their pets overcome allergies and enjoy healthier, happier lives. With the right combination of detox, nutrition, and energy production, pet owners can give their pets the stress-free health they deserve.

Customer review: "My dog Bane had HORRIBLE allergies. He is so sensitive to medications, too. We were at the vet all the time. The vet told me he would have to be on food for his gut, and we'd have to deal with his itchy and irritated skin with regular steroid injections. After starting on Poli Pet Products, he didn't have to be on ANY allergy meds this summer, his coat has gotten shinier, and his skin doesn't flake anymore. He hasn't gotten any hives or rashes; it's been amazing. We haven't been to the vet all year!" Rachel.


Pet allergies are a common yet often misdiagnosed condition. But when looking for remedies, the root cause shouldn't be forgotten – it is usually tied to environmental factors like pollutants and toxins that have built up in the pet's body over time. To address this problem at its core and help overcome or prevent allergic reactions, Poli Pet Renew & Boost products from WellWell provide healthy nutrition along with efficient energy production, which helps reduce toxin exposure while also supporting whole-body health - ultimately giving pet owners peace of mind knowing their furry friends can enjoy a life free of stressors caused by allergenic substances!