11 Tips for Starting Healthy after Pet Adoption

Updated on: June 20, 2022
11 Tips for Starting Healthy after Pet Adoption

Did you know?

About 3.1 million dogs and 3.2 million cats enter animal shelters each year. Thankfully, the number of no-kill animal shelters has doubled from 24% to 48%!

If you decide to adopt, it can be overwhelming to determine how to ensure your new pet is comfortable and healthy. There's much to think about, from natural pet care to toys including cleansing their bodies from heavy metals and toxins they have been exposed to previously.

While it can feel exhausting, it doesn't have to be. Read this guide on various tips for the first initial days after pet adoption, and welcome your new one with love! 

1. Gather Supplies

First, you'll want to gather supplies, including a food and water bowl, dog bed, toys, treats, grooming supplies, food, and anything else necessary. Find out if they have any medical concerns and need to be on special food or medication.

It's a good time to stock up on Poli Pet Products so that you can help cleanse your pet from any toxins or poor treatment in their past. 

Consider balms to protect your pet's skin and nose as well. Often their paws are not prepared for the daily life changes they will be experiencing. 

2. Find Out About Their Personality

When adopting a pet, speak to the shelter about their personality. Find out what you can include ensuring that they're comfortable. 

You might consider a training program if they have aggression or social issues. Find out about their energy levels and the types of toys that they enjoy. If you have other pets or are considering another, ask how they are with other pets. 

Pet-proof your home before they arrive. Keep items out of reach that could harm the animal. Clear counters if cats jump up, and make room on stairs for all pets. 

3. Allow Them to Explore 

Allow them to explore the space to become more comfortable. Have their food bowls and beds set up in advance. 

Offer them their own space where they have their bed away from others. If you adopt cats, have space for them to hide if they're skittish. 

Consider buying a collapsible pen or baby gate. This is even more important for puppies to avoid an accident in your home. 

4. Potty Train Right Away

Have multiple litter boxes for your cat to explore and choose which they like best. If you're adopting multiple cats, you'll want to have additional cat litter. 

Take dogs outside for walks and praise them when they go to the bathroom. Give them a treat when they go outside. 

And if they are not going regularly or you notice anything unusual about their stools then begin using Renew immediately. 

5. Create a Schedule

Create a schedule including feeding and potty time. Speak with your family about responsibilities before your pet comes home. 

Decide what verbal commands to use and what's allowed and not. A routine will make your pet feel secure in your home. 

6. Schedule a Vet Visit

Call in advance to schedule an appointment for your dog or cat. Speak with vets in the area and read reviews.

Dogs and cats need a basic health evaluation to ensure that they have a clean bill of health. Discuss any concerns with your vet and any food and toys they recommend. 

7. Introduce Your Pet

For dogs, consider having them meet your family one at a time outdoors. Keep your pet on a leash during this. 

Don't let anyone hug or kiss them. Let the dog sniff them and have your family give them a treat. 

8. Begin Training

Caring for a pet includes training immediately. You might want to introduce crate training to your dog. 

Have them stay in it for short periods. Place their favorite toy in the crate. Consider obedience training. 

Include positive reinforcement when they do well. This could include praise or treats. 

Teach basic commands to your dog such as back up, drop it, come, speak, etc. Obedience includes when they're outdoors and inside. Teach them positive behavior outdoors, including no barking or aggressiveness. 

9. Know When to Contact the Shelter

If you have children, notice how your pet is with them. If you notice any rough behavior, contact the shelter for advice. 

Pay attention to behavior such as guarding their toys, bones, bowl, etc. Notice a snarl, showing their teeth, growling, etc. 

Growling during play could be a concern. You'll want to reach out to the shelter if you notice mounting or humping of children or adults.

10. Know Pet Care Tips 

Dogs should have their food away from children. This will allow them peace and privacy as they eat. 

Watch your dog when children are over. Pay attention to any rough behavior from children and discourage it. Before you allow other pets over, find out their temperament with animals. 

Don't let anyone encourage rough play. The dog might begin to play rough with children and others. 

Don't leave your child alone with a new dog. Keep dangerous items out of reach of your pet. Have the information for your vet's office, shelter, etc. 

11. Cleanse Your Pet's Body From It's Past 

Most likely, it's impossible to know what all your newly adopted cat or dog has been through. What have they eaten? Where did they go when they were outside? 

Luckily, regardless of their past you can start fresh and clean with Poli Pet Products. Use Renew and Boost to give your pet a clean slate from heavy metals, toxins, environmental poisons, poor food quality, unclean water and more. 

We recommend waiting until after your pet is settled and feels comfortable in their now home to begin using our products, normally 1-3 weeks after adoption. but you may begin immediately if you feel it's the right time. 

Exploring the Top Tips for Natural Pet Care After Adoption

After exploring this guide, you should better understand natural pet care after adoption and how to ensure your pet's happiness and health. Take your time introducing them to your family and have their supplies ready including Poli Pet Products. 

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